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Stanley Alari
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Trucker Ticket Lawyer
California Trial Lawyer since 1972

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Stan The CDL Trucker Man

CDL Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Welcome, I’m Stan The Radar Man (Stanley Alari) Attorney at Law. Call me a trucker lawyer, and proud of it! I specialize in Traffic Law in California.

CDL ticket defense for truckers is how I’m known. I know the traffic laws and how to protect your rights and win in Court. If you have a traffic ticket in California, I’m the man that knows what to do.

Truckers have a tough time on California Highways, because they are truckers and because traffic school is no longer an option. That’s why speeding ticket defense for truck drivers is my cause! If you are a trucker with a ticket, call or write. I fight CDL traffic ticket and I can help you! I’ve been a fighting trial lawyer for over 33 years!
Beat a CDL ticket ? And how! I know the law, the system and how to beat tickets. I use my knowledge of The Law to Beat a CDL traffic ticket.

A brilliant Trucker Lawyer, a CDL ticket lawyer is hard to find. You just found him. I use the powerful Written Trial by Declaration (TBD) to beat a CDL ticket for truckers in any California Court.
CDL license suspension? I’m your man. I’ve never failed to set aside a DMV negligent driver suspension. I get it done in just a few days. Save your CDL license by calling me. Speeding ticket and traffic ticket defense is my specialty.

My trucker lawyer fee is reduced. My speeding ticket defense for truckers is the best in the state. My law defenses are so powerful they are atomic, they are the best. I’m a trucker lawyer who knows the weak spots in the cop’s stories. I know where to hit them and so hard, they don’t know what happened!
Fight a CDL ticket? Beat a speeding ticket? Sure! I know what to do.

A Law Defense is an attack on the cop’s and the judge’s bias. The “who do you believe” approach, the cop or driver, is for amateurs and destined to defeat! Cut the cop’s feet out from under him, by destroying his case. I use lawyer secrets, learned in combat, that only the battled hardened lawyer knows. I knew it was going to be tough, so I got tough by study and tears for years. Yeah, I’m a trucker lawyer, and I know my stuff. And, that’s what you really need, a trucker lawyer who really knows what to do!

A traffic trial is no time for “hoping for the best,” it’s time to attack the cops case and blow it up! Just watch what happens in traffic courts, it’s a slaughter! 98% of drivers are found guilty! Why because they don’t know and use my atomic Law Defenses! I was waiting in court today. The court bailiff actually told all the defendant’s “eleven out of twelve are found guilty.” He was wrong, forty people went to trial and 2 were found not guilty! Sometimes a judge will give one person a break and nail everyone else. Go see it for yourself, it will break your heart!!

Most states recognize each other’s trucker ticket convictions. The 1.5 point’s California assigns to trucker tickets really hurts in a CDL driver. Fight every ticket, every time, especially now with no traffic school option. The Trucker’s livelihood depends on that CDL license! Let me carry the fight to beat that speeding ticket, or any moving violation.

The Trial By Written Declaration has a special Law defense that can catch the court by surprise and win the case. I found a loophole and can march and win the case for you. Strong talk but an even stronger legal defense!

I want to avoid any points against your record. Traffic School is no longer an option for truckers in California (since 9-20-05). Because the judges know truckers are cheated out of traffic school, many of them are willing to give truckers a no point, non moving violation conviction called coasting (21710 of the Vehicle Code). I use law defenses to win the case and I ask for a coasting conviction as an alternative sentence. I do this to avoid any points against your record.

The Sounds Of Heaven-My Poetry

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Poetry is that secret place, where we are all the same..friends, brothers and sisters..Welcome to the sounds of Heaven!"

The Trial by Declaration gives you fighting chances to win. Be prepared to win law defenses and my trial experience. My

fee to prepare a Trial by Declaration is $600 plus the trial bail and it’s worth it. What’s the alternative? Do it yourself? Hire a lawyer that does traffic as a occasional sideline? Forget that! You must fight that ticket with the best lawyer you can find. Points against your license must be avoided.

When the Trial by Declaration is won, you get your bail money back. When the Trial by Declaration is not successful, you still have the right to a court trial. If you show up and the officer does not appear at the trial, you win! If you can’t show up, talk to me about having a competent trucker lawyer, so if the officer shows up your trucker lawyer can use the law and have a good chance to fight the ticket and win.

If you have to win, you can hire me or one of my associates to appear personally for you at the trial. The trial fee depends on the case involved and distance to the court. I have traveled to many distant California courts. Keep in mind that there are many ways to settle a case without getting any points. That’s another reason to hire the who knows the ropes.

Some Client’s simply must do all that is possible to avoid losing their license or job. They will hire me to have the best chance to beat the ticket and make a deal to avoid a point. Let’s be clear, no “deals” are made unless the cop and court are against the ropes with my law defenses!

I understand how important your license is. I take my responsibilities very seriously. My opinion of myself, depends on the job I do for you. It is a simple truth that, “When your case matters, so do I.”

Visit my website: See my “Victory List.”

Some clients will need to represent themselves. Visit my website: and read all the information at the link: “Trial by Declaration Forms.” The information is there. You can understand the process and fill out the downloadable forms yourself. You won’t have any attacking law defenses, but it’s still a great idea to fight it yourself, because the cop may not file an answer, he may not show up in court. That’s real, it happens. Do what you must do to avoid those points. If you chose to represent yourself, be sure to contact me for a few helpful hints before you send in the forms into the Court. I’ll be glad to help.

Thank you for visiting and listening to my offer to be your lawyer.

Be sure to fill out the Free Traffic Ticket Evaluation Form so we can talk about your situation.

Your evaluation will be carefully evaluated and I will get back to each and every one of you.

Thank you, I remain ready as your CDL traffic ticket lawyer to fight speeding ticket and any moving violation that can hurt your right to make a living as a commercial truck driver!

The Trucker Lawyer

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